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MLC Accountants offers a broad range of taxation, financial & accounting services.

MLC Accountants focuses on professional, personalised advice and a hands on approach.

​Our team at MLC Accountants would be delighted to meet with you to determine your service requirements and how best to meet these requirements in a professional, efficient and effective manner. Some of our services include:

Taxation services for all entity types

Tax compliance is a requirement for any business. Irrespective of the business entity we will provide taxation services and advice you accordingly. The various business entities include; sole proprietorship, general partnership, limited liability Company, corporations.

Preparation of BAS & IAS forms

The business activity statement (BAS) must be submitted to the revenue collection agency as a fulfillment of the business tax obligations. The Installment activity Statement (IAS) is used in reporting and payments of the money withheld by the employer from the wage and salaries of the employees. It is prepared on monthly basis and must be included in the BAS form.

Company formations and business setups

Setting up a business and making it profitable is the most challenging moment in an entrepreneur’s life. With adequate research you will have a better chance at growing your business. All you need is to contact us for further directions and advice.

Preparation of Financial Statements

The financial statements show the financial position of a business at a given time. Some examples of financial statements include the income statement, balance sheet, cash flow statement, retained earnings statement. Preparation of the financial statement is required for any business as it eases financial accounting and management.

Taxation advice & compliance

We have a highly knowledgeable staff in matters of taxation. They will be able to guide you on ways of reinforcing best practice compliance. They will also offer advice on taxation law which will facilitate taxation planning

Rental property returns

A 10 percent rate of return is termed as good which is calculated using he cap rate. The rental property returns has become quite attractive even for people with no expertise in real estate investing. Let us help you diversify your investment by guiding you through rental property returns.

Capital gains tax calculations

The capital gain tax is the tax levied once a property is transferred from one party to the other. It is used to encourage long term investment. It is heavily dependent on the tax rate.

Bookkeeping & Payroll (STP)

We make bookkeeping & payroll simple and stress free, so you can focus on what you enjoy. Leave it to us.